[PMC] My most dangerous competitor

I was at a business networking event the other day and, oddly enough, met my main competitor! My fiercest, most dangerous competitor!

This competitor has cost me countless opportunities and endless revenue.

I don’t say this lightly: he is a loathsome oaf of a man.

Lazy and unfocused.

Short-sighted and impatient.

Self-centered and greedy.

He plays the short game, not the long game.

The strange thing was his name: Philip Elias Morgan.

That’s my name!! (He kind of looked like me too.)

Yes, this is an aphorism, or at least an attempt at one. 🙂

Yes, my most dangerous competitor is myself; myself when I lose focus or patience or discipline.

Who’s your most dangerous competitor? Does he or she look a lot like you at your worst moments?