[PMC] Once again, we send off my war rig…

It’s that time again!

It’s not actually time to send off my war rig from its heated garage at the semi-rural headquarters of Philip Morgan Consulting to bring back guzzoline from Gastown and bullets from the Bullet Farm, but time for my annual “tax writeoff” sale.

The deal is simple: 30% off any product I sell, including the tier of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms where you get an hour of my time. This is probably the last year I’ll do that 🙂

Last year one list member wisely stocked up on that tier of the book and now they’ve got 2 hours of my time locked in at a crazy low price.

Anyway, grab a copy of The Positioning Manual (http://thepositioningmanual.com) or Specializing Without Failure (http://specializingwithoutfailure.com) for 30% off.

Just use the code TAXWRITEOFF when you check out to get the discount. Do it before the stroke of midnight Pacific time on December 31, cause that’s when this offer expires.