[PMC] Swing for the fences, folks

Sometimes I share “behind the scenes” stories and y’all seem to like that, so here’s one for you.

There’s this guy, Matt Levine. He writes a column for Bloomberg. I don’t know enough about the world of finance to know if he’s famous or not, but he might be.

Anyway, I love his writing, and admire his ability to produce something really good 5 days a week.

I wanted to interview him for my podcast to learn a bit about how he’s gotten so good at writing, so I sent him this email:

matt levine outreach email

49 minutes later he replied with a polite, clear “no”.

That brings the total of people who have passed on guesting on my podcast to 4.

Matt is one of them, along with Jaime Meline and a few others.

This is not at all me whining about things. It’s normal to succeed less than 100% of the times you try any given thing, after all.

I just want y’all to know that you should “swing for the fences”. Or at least, I think you should.

Here’s what I wrote Al Ries, in case that’s interesting to you, or gives you ideas about how to reach out to famous people:

al ries outreach

And here’s the interview Al very generously gave me: http://consultingpipelinepodcast.com/15

Swing for them fences y’all,