Podcast Guest Onboarding

Thanks again for agreeing to share your insight with my podcast audience!

If you haven’t already, please schedule a time to talk at http://calendly.com/philipmorgan/60-minute-skype-or-phone-meeting-for-clients

I tend to do two kinds of interviews for The Consulting Pipeline Podcast:

  1. Sharing your story of using positioning or content marketing to establish your consulting business.
  2. Sharing a specific tactical expertise you have with my audience.

My questions are driven by the goals of the interview. If it’s about your story, we’ll dive into how you got to where you are today and the very human elements (fears you faced, turning points along the way, etc) that were part of that journey. If we’re talking about some specific expertise of yours, the questions will be more about how my listeners can apply what you’ve learned to benefit their business.

I’ll send you a list of any specific questions I have in mind prior to the interview. If there are no specific questions the interview will be very conversational with me asking the same kind of inquisitive questions you may have heard on other episodes of The Consulting Pipeline Podcast.

Please let me know ahead of time if there’s anything you would like to avoid discussing or would like to go into more detail on.

Please send me your Skype handle prior to the interview. I am philipmorganconsulting on Skype. I will initiate the Skype call at the date and time of our interview.

I’ll already have my call recording software rolling when I call you, but the interview will be edited later to remove our pre-interview chatter. Usually I chat with interviewees for 5 to 10 minutes before formally beginning the interview in order to let us both warm up and sound our best.

Speaking of sounding your best, please:

1. Plan to be in a quiet place with little or no background noise during our interview.
2. Use the highest-quality audio equipment available to you. A hard-wired microphone and headset will sound far better than using your computer’s built-in microphone. At a minimum please use headphones to avoid the possibility of feedback.

As interviewer, I serve as a proxy for the audience. For this reason, I may probe for deeper answers to certain questions, or ask for more detail where I believe it will make the conversation more interesting or easier for a listener to follow. I always do my best to help you articulate your expertise, insight, and knowledge while following the interesting threads that are sure to surface as you tell your story.

I will never knowingly put you on the spot or push us towards an area you’ve asked me to avoid. If I do so by accident, please let me know what’s happened and I’ll edit that part out. If you flub something as you’re saying it or would like to retract something you’ve just said, just let me know, pause for a beat, speak the flubbed part again, and I’ll edit to cover up the mistake.

Have I explained all this well? Please let me know if I can answer any questions before we record.

Looking forward to talking with you,