If you'd like help making the HUNDREDS of decisions required to set up effective online marketing for your services, you might be interested in my Positioning Office Hours service

  • Every week dozens of people join my email list, several buy my book, some apply for a $450/mo group consulting program, and often enough someone asks to pay me $2400/mo to work with me 1-on-1 on their positioning or lead generation.
  • Last week a company asked if I could fly to Boston and work with their sales team on their positioning so they can close sales more effectively.

I wanted a business like this (high effective hourly rate, good revenue diversity, low revenue variability from month to month, gradual organic growth, lead generation via high trust-velocity inbound methods), so I spent two years building it. I don't say this to brag or be conceited.

I say this because you can do it too, if you want.

Along the way, you'll have hundreds of questions about what to do, how to prioritize things, and how to approach marketing projects like positioning, lead magnets, email marketing, packaging your services, and marketing to your prospects.

I've been asked to provide a form of support that's cheaper than my 1-on-1 coaching ($2,400/mo), cheaper than my $450/mo Positioning Accelerator Program, hell... cheaper even than a premium cable TV subscription.

I've put together the Positioning Office Hours program.

Here's what you'll get...

Asynchronous Option: $99/mo

  • Group Slack where you have a direct line to me for questions
  • Every-other-week 60m group office hours for Q&A and group consulting. Occurs every other Tuesday at 3pm Pacific time.
  • A positioning + growth roadmap for you to follow: The growth roadmap will provide a 3-6 month playbook to follow (after which you can move on to the next-level roadmap)
  • Access to my private library of templates for cold outreach, research interviews, etc.
  • Access to The Positioning Course and The Positioning Manual (if you pay for 3 months up front)

Realtime Option: $199/mo

Everything in Asynchronous Option plus...

  • One 1-on-1 20m call with me every month scheduled via Calendly
  • A private expert presentation every other week where you can attend live, ask questions, and level up your marketing.
  • A personalized video teardown of your current marketing funnel and a personalized improvement roadmap (if you pay for 3 months up front)

PS -  Seriously, just email me and we'll chat to see how this could help you: philip@philipmorganconsulting.com 🙂