Are you stuck in a commodified market position?

Picture this.

You are in charge of increasing tourist visits to a lush, tropical island with beautiful beaches, stunning mountain views, and a relaxed local vibe. Visits to your island have been declining while other islands have been growing their tourist business.

You conduct a market study and find that most tourists who want to visit a tropical island are price-shopping for travel deals, and when asked about your island they can't really tell you why it's more desirable than any of the alternatives.

But it really is a special place! It offers experiences that equal or improve on any of the other tropical islands! In fact, it's less crowded because of the recent decline in tourist visits.

What do you do to reverse this decline?

On closer investigation, you realize that your island has all of the features of the most popular tropical island destination, but is much closer (shorter cheaper airplane flight) to the eastern 1/3rd of the United States, which houses almost 2/3rd's of the country's population.

And that is the solution to the commoditization problem your island is facing. You start marketing your island as "the Hawaii of the Caribbean".

This is the exact solution proposed by positioning genius Al Ries to the leadership of Jamaica in the 1980's, and now used by St. Lucia in that island's marketing to tourists.

This is also the foundation of how I can help you escape your commodified market position.

Introducing... the Prisonbreak Bootcamp program.

Here's the Program

I'd like to help you rapidly escape your commodified market position by helping you define an improved market position and build a lightweight marketing funnel. If you're in a commodified market position, here's how we'll bust you out...

You and 4 other people will meet with me online for a 3-hour group working session. We'll do this once a week for a total of three meetings.

Each working session will have a brief "lecture" followed by structured work time. We'll meet in a private Google Hangout (or Zoom teleconferencing software if Google is acting up or someone needs to dial in via phone) so that we can collaborate and you can learn from other participants.

You will have homework between working sessions and access to me via a Slack channel for questions between sessions.

The final working session is reserved for makeup (if you can't make one of the other two), overflow (if we need more time), or polishing (because we'll be building stuff very quickly).

There will be a template for everything, so that you're never facing a blank page on any of the positioning or lead generation assets you'll be building. That's a huge benefit of this bootcamp, so let me say it again...

There's a Template for Everything

That means you won't be starting anything from scratch. I'll set you up with:

  • A positioning "recipe" that moves you towards a more profitable niche market position.
  • A website that's optimized to clarify your new position, build trust, and generate leads for you. It's extensible, of course, but it starts small, lean, mean, and effective at moving you away from commodity hell to a better place.
  • Outbound lead generation strategy to jump-start getting new leads around your new market position.
  • Inbound lead generation strategy to efficiently generate high-quality leads with very low time investment on your behalf.

You'll get time-tested, proved templates to start with. Sure, you can polish and refine them later. But you won't leave this program lacking a basic, functional version of any critical element of your new marketing funnel. You'll have all the pieces you need to start moving out of your commodified market position and towards something better for your business and for your future.

Moreover, there is a process for everything we'll be doing, too. I'll be sharing easy-to-follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) with you for every key part of the process. I won't be leaving anything to chance or imagination, and you'll walk away from this bootcamp with proven, re-usable processes that will help you implement your marketing in the future with ease and precision.

This is the Structure You've Been Lacking

You know full well that the perfect is the enemy of the good. This accelerated course is the swift kick in the pantalones that you've been waiting for. Every aspect of it is time-boxed and planned out, and every task is backed up with a deadline.

By the end, you'll have something between a working prototype and a beta of a fully functioning market position along with a lightweight, effective marketing funnel to support that new position.

Here's what the structure looks like:

Before the first session, I'll provide you with some pre-work for which you should set aside 3 hours:

  1. Review onboarding materials
  2. Install template into your WordPress hosting account
  3. Fill out positioning planning worksheet
  4. Fill out web copy planning worksheet

Working Session 1:

  1. Intro lecture: 30 minutes
  2. Define a temporary market position. This won't be perfect, it won't be thoroughly researched, and it won't be validated, but it will be better than what you've got, and it will define the direction for this bootcamp so that all the subsequent marketing work is much easier than you might be used to: 1 hour
  3. Build 1-page lead gen website. You'll be using a very prescriptive template and focusing on content, not design or conversion rate or stuff like that: 1.5 hours

After this session, you will have some homework. Set aside 4 hours for this homework:

  1. Complete inbound and outbound planning worksheets
  2. Build outbound prospecting list

Working Session 2:

  1. Intro lecture: 30 minutes
  2. Report in on homework: 15 minutes
  3. Build part of your lead nurture content. Content creation takes time, so you'll build a few lead nurture emails to get the hang of it, then you'll finish out the rest of your lead nurture campaign after the bootcamp is over: 1 hour
  4. Build your outbound marketing campaign. You'll rough out and launch your outbound marketing campaign to a pilot group: 45 minutes
  5. Plan your inbound marketing campaign. We'll go through the all-important planning process to define your inbound marketing campaign: 30 minutes

After this session, you will have some homework. Set aside 4 hours for this homework:

  1. Build first few components of inbound marketing campaign
  2. Build out more of your lead nurture content

Working Session 3:

  1. Report in on homework: 30 minutes
  2. Make up session if you have a last-minute emergency that causes you to miss one of the previous two sessions.
  3. Time to polish things that were roughly or quickly built in an earlier session.

After this session, you will be in possession of the core skills you need to continue building what we've started in this bootcamp. I'll keep the Slack channel open for 30 days after Working Session 3 in order to help with followup questions.


  1. Positioning "recipes" to choose from and customize for your situation
  2. A 1-page, lead-generation site template in WordPress Beaver Builder and Thrive pagebuilder formats:
    1. Headline templates
    2. Body copy templates
    3. Call to action (CTA) templates
  3. 3 inbound marketing "recipes" and supporting templates
  4. 3 outbound marketing recipes and supporting templates
  5. Lead nurture templates:
    1. Daily micro-tip
    2. In-depth article
    3. Q&A micronaurs
    4. Curated weekly roundup email

Of course, you'll be creating content to finish out these templates during the bootcamp, but you won't be facing a blank page at any point during the bootcamp, which removes one of the main barriers to gettin' it done. 🙂


I'm offering two tracks. Hopefully one of them will fit your schedule.

Please do NOT sign up if you know you will have to miss even one of the scheduled times. Yes, there's that final makeup session, but that's really an insurance policy against emergency changes in your schedule or hiccups in the event, not a way to make one of the meetings times optional.

I am confident I'll be offering this bootcamp again in the future, so if you can't make even one of the scheduled meetings, don't worry, a future time will probably work for you.

Group 1

  • Working Session 1: April 25, 8am - 11am Pacific
  • Working Session 2: May 2, 8am - 11am Pacific
  • Working Session 3: May 9, 8am - 11am Pacific

Group 2

  • Working Session 1: April 28, 1pm - 4pm Pacific
  • Working Session 2: May 5, 1pm - 4pm Pacific
  • Working Session 3: May 12, 1pm - 4pm Pacific

Can You Afford to Wait?

Only you can answer that question. But if you're ready to move away from a commodified market position, you can attend all three of the meetings for the group you choose to join, and you really want to change things (and don't mind pushing through some emotional discomfort to do so...) then I urge you to sign up below before the event sells out. The price is $1,800 USD. Enrollment is limited to 5 students per group.

You reserve your seat by paying now. I believe it's going to be the best $1,800 you've ever spent.

Sold Out For Now

Join the Waiting List

Join the waiting list to jump the line and get a heads up before I publicly announce the next Commodity Prisonbreak Bootcamp.

"Working on my positioning with Philip has led to a complete shift in the way I think about my business, what I offer, and where I want to go in the future. " -- Keith Devon, WordPress Developer


Some Questions That Are Likely to be Asked Pretty Frequently

Do I need to be a good writer or a creative marketer?

Absolutely not. That's a large part of why I'm doing this bootcamp: I believe I can provide you with the right templates, processes, and structure to help you produce a really good marketing funnel for your business without you having to be a strong writer or clever marketer. Yes, you need to be capable of doing basic writing and speaking tasks and you need to have something of value to offer clients, but that's it.

What are the technical requirements to participate?

You'll need the same stuff you'd need for a Skype video call: computer, webcam, headphones with microphone (like Apple earbuds, for example), and a solid, fast internet connection. You will need some software tools, which are all cloud-based tools. Those are listed below. You also need the ability to be un-interrupted for each of the 3-hour working sessions.

What kind of pre-requisite knowledge do I need?

Mainly you need to be competent with cloud tools or a quick study. You don't need to have expert level knowledge in WordPress, for example, but you do need to be able to move around the WordPress UI without having to ask "where do I click to do that?" a bunch. It's tremendously helpful if you're a fast learner when it comes to this stuff.

I will be sending you step-by-step setup procedures (with screencasts) for each working session's tasks prior to the working session so that you have time to implement the basic setup work or become familiar with the software. I'm doing this because I want as much of the working session time as possible to be available for solving marketing problems, not software usage problems.

I will teach you everything you need to know about marketing, so as long as you can get around the WordPress UI and don't mind learning "on the job", you should be a good fit for this bootcamp.

Will I need any special software or third-party tools?

Yes. Yes you will. 🙂 For us to build what's needed in a very short timeframe using templates I've developed, you'll need some specific tools. Here's what you'll need:

  1. A blank WordPress site and a decent hosting account for that WordPress site to live in.
  2. 1 to 3 new domain names, which generally run around $11/year for a dot com.
  3. A Standard license for Beaver Builder ($99) or a Single Site license for Thrive Landing Page Builder ($67)
  4. A Single Site license for Thrive Leads ($67)
  5. An email marketing software. Either a paid MailChimp account ($20/mo) or a Basic Drip account ($49/mo)
  6. You may need an outbound email automation tool like Quickmail ($49/mo)
  7. You may need a account ($12/mo)
  8. You may need a Crowdcast plan ($49/mo)

 Total Costs:

1-time: Between $134 and $166, depending which tools you choose (plus the $1,800 cost of the bootcamp)

Monthly: Between $20 and $110, depending on which tools you choose. Which tools you choose depends on which marketing approach you decide on.

Yearly: Between $22 and $33, depending on how many domain names you need

What if I hate it, think it sucks, or am dissatisfied?

If that's the case, I will be refunding you in full faster than my dog Malcolm sits down when I pull a treat out of my pocket. Your refund will be contingent on you providing me feedback so I can improve future iterations of this thing.

But please do us both a favor... if you have any questions about this, please email me and ask before signing up. If you know about this event, you are almost certainly on my email list, so just find any email from me, hit REPLY, and tell me what's on your mind. I want this to be the right decision for you.

Will my business or life get better overnight?

No. This is not magic, but I am applying every "make things better rapidly" best practice I know of, so you've got a good shot at seeing significant improvement in 4 to 6 months. You'll need to maintain what we've set in motion for some time after the bootcamp, but you won't wonder what to do or how to do it. You'll learn that stuff during the bootcamp.

Will you make me torch my existing marketing and replace it with some hastily-constructed replacement?

No. We will be building a new, secondary client acquisition channel built on a new market position. If you're like most of my previous mentoring students, this new channel will bring you better, more profitable clients and naturally kick your old market position to the curb, albeit in slow motion over time as you are comfortable with letting go of the old market position. The inertia of your old market position and referral momentum from old clients will naturally slow down over the 4 to 6 months it'll take for your new marketing funnel to pick up steam, sort of like handing off the baton in a relay race.

Have you ever done this before?

I have helped hundreds of people like you research, define, validate, or dominate a profitable, desirable market position. You will get the full benefit of my experience during this bootcamp. I have not compressed things down into such a short, intensive format before, so this is the first time I've delivered this kind of format.

I'm pricing this event at an absolutely no-brainer, bargain price because for the pilot group, yeah, there will certainly be some rough edges. But... the price will not be this low next time, so if you can roll with a few rough edges then now's your chance to get the medicine your ailing business needs to move towards vim, vigor, and profit.

Who should not sign up for this?

  • If $1,800 will make or break your monthly budget, please don't do it. Enjoy my free stuff, buy my book, but do not overextend yourself financially to do this bootcamp. Also please remember that you'll need the software tools described above, which adds a bit to the cost too. Very few marketing investments pay immediate returns, and this one is no different. I'm confident you will get a strong return on your investment in this program, but it will take some time.
  • As mentioned several times already, if you can not make even one of the meetings, don't sign up for this event. There won't be enough time. Wait until a future event when the timing is better.
  • If you are completely or mostly risk intolerant, this event will push every button there is for you, and you might consider something with less of a "move fast and break things" kind of ethos. If that's you, my mentoring program would be a better fit because we really emphasize market research and validation there.
  • If doing basic online stuff like installing WordPress, configuring a MailChimp account, or stuff like that is not relatively easy for you, this will not be a great fit. I will be sending you step-by-step setup documents (with screencasts) for each working session's tasks prior to the working session so that you have time to implement the basic setup work or become familiar with the software. But again, you need to be comfortable with the idea of setting up and using tools like WordPress, MailChimp, etc.
  • If you hate group events and only want to get help 1-on-1, this is the not droid you are looking for.
  • If you're not open to the idea of narrowing down your market position, then this approach won't make sense to you.
  • If you are a tool snob and going to push back against using WordPress or other tools I prescribe, that will be a distraction from the business results I am helping you create, and you should find another bootcamp to help you escape your sinking ship of a commodified position using Middleman or whatever other tool you can't live without. Or check out my mentoring program where I don't have to be such a hardass about tool choices because we have the luxury of more time. If you want to substitute certain tools that you know well and are functionally equivalent (for example, Active Campaign instead of Drip/MailChimp) let me know via email before you sign up and we'll discuss whether that could work.
  • If you're a company with more than a single decision-maker, I'm not sure this bootcamp format is ideal for you. It could work, but please contact me via email to discuss before signing up.

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