Private Coaching

If you're interested in having me coach you, I would be happy to set up a call and check for fit.

Here's how that call will go:

  1. We will schedule a 75 minute working session via
  2. I will ask you to complete homework before the call. You'll need about an hour to complete this prep work.
  3. We will spend the first 60 minutes of the call working on your business. I will bring my absolute best in terms of tools, process, and insight to help move your business forward, just like I do in a coaching call with a paying client. We won't talk about what it would be like to work together; we'll actually work together.
  4. We will spend the last 15 minutes of the call discussing whether working together in a paid coaching engagement makes sense. If we both believe it does, I will:
    1. Propose a suggested meeting frequency
    2. Work with you to figure out a start date that fits for both of us
    3. Send a payment link so that you can secure time on my schedule

If you wait to pay or do not move forward with the coaching proposal after the call, I will follow up by email exactly once, then drop it.

At no point will I attempt to persuade you to work with me or apply any kind of sales pressure. This is either important to you or it isn't, and I'm either the right person to help or I'm not. After an hour together, it will be an easy decision for you. You'll just know.

I expect that if you set this call up you have already decided that you can afford to work with me. Here's my pricing, which is the same for everyone:

The price is $1,200 per month, with unlimited asynchronous support and one live 1-on-1 60 to 90-minute video call each month. If you would value meeting more often than once per month, we can discuss that as a custom option. (Calls are offered up to as often as once per week). We’ll determine ideal meeting frequency based on your goals, timeline, and bandwidth.

Sound like the right next step for you?


Book a working session here:

Private Coaching FAQ

How do we work together if I hire you as a coach?

We meet regularly, at a frequency that matches your goal and availability. At most once per week, at least once per month.

I act as your personal advisor and sounding board. I'd help you decide what to do, how to do it, how to prioritize, and offer feedback as much or as often as you need.

More specifically, there are 3 ways we might work together:

Sounding board: We meet regularly to discuss whatever's on your mind. I act as a sounding board and give you feedback, help you make decisions, help you plan, etc. I have several coaching clients I'm doing with this with currently. As an example: one of them has a lot of balls in the air in terms of prospects and specialization and sales, and my value to him is helping him prioritize, figure out how to deal with the sales conversation with various prospects, and that kind of thing.

Roadmap: We can figure out a customized roadmap that helps you get where you want to go, figure out the specific activities you need to execute on to make progress, and then meet regularly to discuss and troubleshoot any blocks to your progress. The value here is helping you get somewhere you don't know how to get on your own, keeping you accountable to making regular progress, and busting through any roadblocks that have slowed you down.

Specific project: You might need help with a specific project, and after you get my help with that project you're fine on your own. I have one current coaching client who hired me for this reason. He wanted to take some ideas he has for diagnosing his clients thought leadership skills and turn his ideas into a more algorithmic tool that he's also going to use as a lead generation tool on his site. He had a vision for the end goal, but wanted support with the specifics of how to get there, so he hired me to help him figure all that out.

How does coaching compare to consulting or outsourcing?

Generating quality consulting leads for your business is a critical skill. My overall goal is to help you become effective and self-sufficient in this skill.

If you're at the scale of being able to hire an FTE to do that for you, you should. If you're below that scale, then you'll need to learn to do this yourself. If your expertise in something is world-class, then you probably can't outsource marketing and lead generation because of the difficulty of transferring your insights to an employee, and so you also should learn to market yourself.

If you can't outsource the problem, then you need to solve it yourself, and that's where my coaching is an ideal fit.

How much time do I need to put into this to get good results?

It depends on several things, but generally one full day a week is the minimum.

When I started working for myself, I was always told "don't plan on being able to bill for more than 50% of your time". I was never told what the other 50% of my time was for. I assumed it was for... I don't know sending out invoices or something?

Actually, it's for building the relationships that power your business. You might do that directly or indirectly. Either way, that's what the other 50% is usually for. 🙂 In other words, it's for marketing and sales.

How long does it take for me to get effective and self-sufficient at marketing?

Again that depends, but for most people it's a 1 to 3-year journey. You certainly don't have to work with me for every month of that time.

You might engage me for a few multi-month "sprints" over several years to periodically focus on whatever issue needs your attention most at that time, or whatever issue will be most strategically valuable for you over the long term.

How do you charge for coaching?

The price is $1,200 per month, with unlimited asynchronous support and one live 1-on-1 60 to 90-minute video call each month. If you would value meeting more often than once per month, we can discuss that as a custom option. (Calls are offered up to as often as once per week). We’ll determine ideal meeting frequency based on your goals, timeline, and bandwidth.

I bill you using's subscription billing feature (payable before work begins using either Stripe or ACH). There's no minimum commitment and you can cancel the arrangement or pause it at anytime.

I use MoonClerk for recurring billing specifically because it gives me flexibility in tweaking when you get billed if something tweakworthy happens.

Here's what I mean by that.

If you or I have scheduled time off and we tell each other about it a few weeks ahead of time, I won't bill you for the missed meeting, no matter who caused the missed meeting.

For example, if MoonClerk usually bills you on the 1st day of each month and you take 2 weeks of vacation during a particular month and you tell me about it a few weeks ahead of time, I'll tell MoonClerk to bill you on the 15th of the next month instead of the 1st to avoid charging you for meetings that didn't happen. Same thing if I'm the one taking vacation.

If--on the other hand--one of us misses a meeting for other reasons, the person who caused it bears the cost.

If I forgot to update my calendar for some dumb reason and can't make a meeting, we would miss the meeting but I would tell MoonClerk to bill your next month a week later, causing me to forgo the revenue of that missed meeting.

If you did the same, I would change nothing in MoonClerk, it would bill you the same time of the month as usual, and you would bear the cost of that missed meeting.

Now above all, I'm a reasonable, empathetic person and this is not an ironclad policy. Instead, it's an expectation about the norm that we can deviate from upon mutual agreement.