I do coach solo business owners. Sometimes.

I usually need a budget of >= $2.5k/mo to be able to help you. You usually need to have unique, valuable skill/expertise for me to create a meaningful amount of value. In the interest of optimizing the risk/opportunity mix of my client portfolio, I sometimes make exceptions to these standards.

My coaching helps early-stage experts build a brand.

In cases when the fit is right, the ROI is life changing.

There are 2 ways I could check for fit with you. 1) Traditional sales call where we talk about coaching. 2) Just dive into a coaching session. I use method #2. Apply using the form below:

Other Coaches Who Might Be A Fit

Kai Davis – Kai is a wealth of knowledge on direct response marketing, traditional marketing, and info product development for self-employed folks and freelancers:

Karl Sakas – Karl’s coaching services are optimized for the demands of growing agency owners. He’s quite good:

Alex Hillman – I hear Alex Hillman does coaching too. Someone I trust said this about his coaching work: Alex is great at helping solo business owners gain traction and focus. He’s been helping me identify the small tweaks that will make the biggest impact in my business, while embracing the work that my market wants and I enjoy (copywriting). I know he’s helped other people who were in more dire situations to turn their businesses around. He’s also great with systems optimization. I’m not sure where exactly to link you, so probably start with, find an email address for Alex, and then figure it out with him from there.

Private Coaching FAQ

Could I just set up a free coaching session even if I don’t intend to pay to work with you beyond that session?


How do we work together if I hire you as a coach?

We meet regularly, at a frequency that matches your goal and availability. At most once per week, at least twice per month.

I act as your personal advisor and sounding board. I’d help you decide what to do, how to do it, how to prioritize, and offer feedback as much or as often as you need.

How do you charge for coaching?

It’s custom, based on a discussion where we seek agreement about impact, discount based on risk, and scale to your businesses economics. We have this discussion at the end of the initial free coaching session. I generally need a budget of $2.5k/mo to be helpful. You generally need a vision for impact — or a desire to cultivate one — to get ROI from working with me.