How can indie consultants use scrappy, DIY methods to increase authority and profitability?

Ideas I am researching:

  1. Direct response to brand marketing transition
  2. Applying the freemium model to selling consulting and coaching services
  3. Getting paid for my thinking as delivered by email (instead of, or rather than, a book or other more conventional means of paying for un-applied thinking)
  4. Doing one thing that fulfills two goals. The one thing: high frequency publication. The two goals: articulation of my expertise for lead nurture purposes and further deepening of my expertise.
  5. Non-pipeline based selling.
  6. Getting on podcasts without shitty pitches

Concluded research:

  1. Developing a risk profiling method for indie consultants.
  2. A framework for deciding how to specialize.

More details, including open access to all aspects of this research, soon.