You might benefit from working with me on your positioning or marketing message, but first let's make sure there's not somebody better for you. The critical elements of good fit are your company size, your needs, and your mindset.

Your Business Size

If you're a large shop (50 employees or more), there are other experts who have more relevant experience: Referrals for large shops

I'm a great fit for solo developers and small shops (25 or fewer employees) needing help with positioning, messaging strategy, and lead generation. If that's you, keep reading. There are a few more things we need to check for fit...

Your Needs

I used to provide done-for-you content marketing services, but have since shifted my focus to advisory services around specialization and lead generation.

If you need copywriting, white papers, articles, or marketing emails created and you've already made the key messaging or strategy decisions about that content, you're better off contacting one of the writers below:

  1. Zach Elwood:
  2. Sarah Greesonbach
  3. Cherilyn DeVries:

Another excellent option if you need help creating content marketing is

Outbound Marketing

If you need help designing and executing an outbound marketing campaign, I can't recommend enough. I've worked collaboratively with Outbound Creative before, so there are some scenarios where working with both Jake and I makes sense. For example, bootstrapping a new market position is one scenario where working with both Outbound Creative and me is ideal.

Speaking as Lead Generation

If you need help becoming a better public speaker specifically to generate leads, Matt Kraus is a presentation consultant who can help you with this:

Your Mindset

If you need a quick fix for a marketing emergency, there are dozens if not hundreds of alternatives to hiring me. I will only frustrate you with my insistence that you take the emotionally challenging, sustainable, slow path of developing a strong, well-differentiated market position and supporting it with a small group of lead generation techniques that require real expertise and consistent repetition.

That said, if you are willing to walk that path, you can build a business that enables one or all of the following:

  • Part-time work for a full-time income, done largely on your own terms
  • An ability to cherry-pick only the best or most interesting projects from a steady flow of leads
  • A revenue mix that includes high-profit digital products and advisory services

An excellent way to check for mindset fit is to read If you find yourself nodding along in agreement with what I write there, you can be confident that we would probably work well together.

My Service Offerings

My services help you solve two core business problems: lead generation and positioning. The latter must be solved to facilitate solving the former.

Depending on where you are in your business' maturity, you may need help from me to develop one or more of the following 7 critical assets:

  1. A strong market position
  2. A clearly-defined services "ladder"
  3. Online lead generation strategy & infrastructure
  4. A traffic-generation practice
  5. Email marketing strategy & infrastructure
  6. Content marketing assets
  7. Sales collateral

To help you create these seven assets for your business, I offer several services that accommodate a range of needs from "DIY-er needing some expert guidance" to "Philip, just put together a team and do it all for us please".


Positioning Accelerator Program

If you need some custom support with your positioning process, my positioning accelerator program is for you. You get Slack chatroom access to me for same-day responses to your specific questions and potential roadblocks, along with weekly office hours calls for realtime problem-solving and accountability check-ins. Even better, you'll get to interact with others who are facing the same challenges you are, which accelerates your progress.


More details on the Positioning Accelerator Program >>

1-on-1 Retainer

If you need a lot of custom advisory support with your positioning or lead generation, my 1-on-1 engagement is the best level of support. You'll get weekly 1-on-1 video calls plus priority response to questions via email or Slack. If you're feeling like the positioning process is particularly challenging or it's bringing up a lot of fear or uncertainty, a 1-on-1 engagement is ideal.

More details on my 1:1 Retainer >>>


1-on-1 In-Person Workshop

If you would like to work very closely with me on any positioning, messaging, lead generation, or specialization challenge in your business, then a 1-on-1 workshop with me for 1 or 2 days at my office in the California wine country might be ideal.

Starts at $5,000

Learn more about the 1-on-1 Workshop >>



Need something custom? Get in touch now to discuss your needs >>

Download Specialization & Lead Generation Roadmaps

There are repeatable processes for specializing and building a sustainable lead generation practice. I use them in my client engagements. I'm happy to share those with you. Just tell me where to email them:

Referrals for Large Shops

If you're a large shop (50 employees or more), you'd probably be better off checking to see if one of the following experts is a good fit for your needs:

Blair Enns

Blair has a year-long training program that covers positioning, marketing, and sales in great depth. I can't recommend it highly enough:

Blair's program is geared towards creative agencies rather than technical ones, but I still think you should check it out to see if it meets your needs.

Even if Blair's program is not a great fit for you, join his email list now. It's impressively good stuff every time he emails you:

David C. Baker

David offers a variety of consulting services for marketing firms, but his depth of experience and extensive body of original research could be just what you need to improve your firms' strategy and performance:

Even if David's services aren't right for you, also join his email list asap. It's also great stuff every time he emails you: