Sherlock Holmes on specialization

I love, love, love the BBC show “Sherlock” (the most recent one starring Benedict Cumberbatch)

The 2016 New Years special episode The Abominable Bride had a brief bit of dialogue I haven’t been able to get out of my head…

Detective Inspector Lestrade: I thought you understood everything.
Sherlock Holmes: Of course not, that would be an appalling waste of brain space. I specialize.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve found to be true about specialization.

It’s freed up my brain to go deep into a particular problem (in my case, lead generation for custom software development shops) and find better solutions than I ever could have as a generalist.

I’m not the only one who has seen specialization work out well for them.

On a recent episode of my show, The Consulting Pipeline Podcast, guest Matt Kraus said:

Word of mouth becomes a LOT easier the more specialized you get. If you’re not specialized, word of mouth is EXTREMELY difficult because people are trying to solve a million problems every day and you’re problem a million and one. But with word of mouth, you don’t even have to do any selling. Person A will introduce you to their close friend Person B and basically all you have to do is take out your calendar and schedule with Person B.

I couldn’t agree more.

Word of mouth is just one of the many benefits of specialization.

I’m so interested in helping you become a highly paid, highly in-demand specialist that I wrote two books about it. One gives you the overview of how it works in general, and one is a step-by-step manual for specializing your business. Get your copy of now.


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