Small-Scale Research Consulting

Our culture has a bias towards data, and as a result, data gathered through small-scale research can make your firm's marketing and consulting work more effective.

As an investment in your firm, small-scale research can have 3 functions:

  1. Generate better sales leads
  2. Support a thought leadership campaign
  3. Help train junior individual contributors through experiential learning

Interestingly, these 3 functions are not mutually exclusive. You can use small-scale research to pursue all 3 at the same time.

My small-scale research consulting can help you produce a premium research-backed content marketing asset with minimal involvement from your team (this focuses on #1 above), or I can help you build the internal capacity to ship your own research (this can tie into any of the 3 items above).

Just email about Small-Scale Research Consulting and we’ll start the conversation.

Consulting CPA firm Small Batch Standard engaged me for Small-Scale Research Consulting. Their story:

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