Workshop 3: Basic Lead Generation

Learn to use outbound marketing to generate leads for your specialized services in 1 month



Getting new clients for your specialized services can take too long if you rely on luck, referrals, or simply wait for inbound leads to show up.

Content marketing seems promising, right?

Content marketing in 2018 is an entirely different game than it was 10 years ago when companies like Hubspot popularized the concept of "write, publish, then profit from abundant free leads". Without a narrow focus and compelling, specialized expertise, it's more like "write, publish, then listen to the crickets while leads never really show up."

If you're newly-specialized, how do you cultivate the kind of deep, focused insight needed to make content marketing work so that great clients find you? 2 to 3 years of focused work will usually do the trick, but how do you find business during that 2 to 3-year period?


We all hate being on the receiving end of shitty outreach. That turns a lot of us off to the idea of using an otherwise effective way to generate new business.

Even with a clear vision for how you want to specialize your business, you still need leads and actual project work within your area of specialization to turn your specialization into a powerful expertise advantage.

Learning how to reach out directly to prospective clients and connect and build trust with them in a relevant, non-shitty way is a powerful tool for your business during the "adolescent stage" of specializing.

Here's how I'll help you do that:

  • I'll give you a simple process for doing this kind of outreach.
  • I'll bias you towards action by breaking the action down into small, do-able-in-a-week action steps.
  • I'll help you practice the parts that scare most people in a low-stakes, low-pressure situation so you're not afraid of embarrassing yourself while doing live outreach to real people.
  • I'll make sure you never face a "blank sheet of paper" during this process, so you don't suffer from writer's block or analysis paralysis.
  • I'll help you implement simple "pre-marketing" steps that increase your chances of connecting with the right people.
  • I'll limit the participation to 7 people so that you have lots of time to ask me questions and get "spot consulting" assistance during each of our four, 60-minute live meetings.
  • I'll help you get outside your own head by helping you think about things in terms of the value your prospective clients see in your services.
  • I'll set you up with multiple, unique tools and processes that bring as much "plug and play" ease as possible to your decision making about how to specialize.
  • I'll help keep you accountable to making progress by breaking the task down into bite-sized chunks you can do on your own time between live meetings. You won't be doing this alone.

At the end of this workshop you'll be competent in using outbound marketing to connect and build trust with prospective clients using a combination of email and LinkedIn. You'll actually have practiced this skill, and you'll be able to use it any time you need to generate demand for your specialized services.


This workshop will be offered:

  • May, 2018
  • October, 2018

I currently promote and sell this workshop mainly over email to my email list, but you're always invited to apply for the workshop right from this page.

Pricing works like this:

  • T minus 4 weeks before the workshop starts, I email anyone who is both a previous customer/client of mine and still signed up for my email list and offer the workshop to them for the "customer price", which is $500 ($300 off the full workshop price). Customers have 3 weeks to take advantage of this price.
  • T minus 3 weeks before the workshop starts, I email the non-customers on my email list and offer the workshop early bird price, which is $600 ($200 off the full workshop price). Non-customers have 1 week to take advantage of the early bird price.
  • T minus 2 weeks before the workshop starts, non-customers can sign up for the full price of $800.
  • T minus 1 week: Workshop registration closes about 1 week before the workshop begins to allow time for prep work, etc.


Why should you trust me to help you with this important decision?

Over the years I've helped hundreds of self-employed software developer with this transition from generalist to specialist, and associated issues like deep market research and lead generation using outbound or inbound marketing. Along the way I've developed a specific process for breaking all this down into discrete steps that help you gain clarity and confidence and implement effectively without being overwhelmed.

This page would be super long if I included every kind word from a customer or testimonial here, but you can peruse some of those over here:


The price is $600 if you pay before February 26 and $800 if you pay on or after February 26. Here's what you're getting when you buy:

  • A 4-week online workshop.
  • Meetings are held using at 9am to 10am Pacific time (convert that to your local time here) on Fridays during the workshop. These are not webinars. They are actual live meetings where you can ask any and all questions by just talking directly to me. We can screenshare, look at shared Google Docs together, and almost anything else you need to bust through roadblocks or answer tricky questions.
  • Access to a private Discourse forum for Q&A between meetings.
  • Videos to teach you the important concepts you need to know before each live workshop session
  • 1 Year of continued access to workshop materials (videos, tools, etc.) in case you want to revisit them later
  • A small group environment that should help introverts feel comfortable participating
  • Bonus: You'll get the Complete Bundle of The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms

If you'd like to reserve your seat now, there's a simple application process:

  1. Make sure you meet these pre-requisites:
    1. You have a clear focus on a market vertical.
    2. You have a clear idea of the problems your market vertical struggles with and a plan for addressing them.
    3. You have a landing page or entire website that describes the problem(s) you solve and basically how you solve them.
  2. Schedule a 20-minute call with me to check for fit:
  3. During the call I'll ask a few questions to make sure you are likely to get a good ROI from this workshop and answer any questions you may have
  4. If we both agree it's a good fit I'll send you a payment link.

If you have questions, please drop me a line:


Q: How much time do I need to put into this workshop each week to get good results?

A: Plan on 8 to 10 hours per week. Some weeks will require less, but if you can free up 8 to 10 hours of "working on the business time" you should be in good shape.


When I started this workshop, I had a lot of ideas about specialization and marketing swirling around in mind but my headspace wasn't focused. Now I am starting to think more specifically in terms of outcomes and value that I can help my ideal customer realize and this has made all the difference in my thinking! I feel more focused, relaxed, and hopeful! Thank you for helping bring about this change in mindset. -- Mayank Patel