Specializing Without Failure


Specializing is the best way to justify higher rates and ensure sustained demand for your services. But how do you get from generalist to specialist without making a serious mistake?

Specializing Without Failure shows you the way. This book is a short, focused guide, designed to be read in 2 hours or less and referenced as you move through the process of deciding how to specialize your services.


  • 90-page DRM-free PDF, MOBI, and EPUB files. Free lifetime updates.
  • Just enough information to help you understand specialization without bogging you down with a long read.
  • Just enough guidance to help you navigate the process of deciding how to specialize.
  • Ideal for generalist self-employed software developers who would like to specialize their services. Less ideal but still applicable to other self-employed service providers. Not applicable at all to product creators.
  • Insta-Refund Guarantee: If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase and email me saying so, I will immediately click the Refund button and return 100% of your money, no questions asked.
jeremy green

In his newest book, Specializing Without Failure, Philip has outlined the most accurate diagnosis I've seen for the "sophomore slump" faced by many software developers in their 2nd and 3rd phases of independent business. More importantly he details exactly what can be done to overcome those challenges and presents it all in a way that's easy for developers to understand, even if they're not seasoned business pros. If you're an independent developer, or thinking of becoming one, do yourself a favor and read this book!

--Jeremy Green, Rails Developer

What is the difference between this book and The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms?

The Positioning Manual is more of an exhaustive "textbook-style" treatment of the subject of positioning for self-employed software developers. It's 50/50 theory and application.

Specializing Without Failure is more of a "field guide" short form, process-driven treatment of how to identify and choose a good way of specializing. It's 20/80 theory and application.

If you own neither book, buy and read this one first, then move on to The Positioning Manual if you need to go deeper or need more support.