Positioning & Marketing Strategy Call

In an hour together we can create some powerful results:

  • Clarify your positioning statement (helps you zero in on your ideal client)
  • Identify an audience focus for your marketing (helps you build the right content marketing)
  • Create a content marketing plan (helps you stop spinning your content marketing wheels and start making progress)
  • Troubleshoot a positioning, messaging, or content marketing problem

In short, I can help you break through roadblocks around positioning, messaging, and content marketing for your technical firm.

I won’t be very much help on questions concerning social media marketing, paid marketing, or outbound advertising. I won’t be able to help you very much if your company isn’t in the technical professional services arena.

We’ll use email to set up a time and deal with preliminary questions so as to focus our time together 100% on moving you forward.

Strategy calls are $3.33 a minute for full speed problemsolving.

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P.S. Not ready to hire me? This book will teach you more about positioning your development shop.