Dev Shop Marketing Strategy Retainer

My marketing strategy retainer offers the following:

  1. An initial in-depth call to explore your internal landscape as it relates to marketing (e.g, positioning, areas of expertise, DIY vs. outsourced needs, suitability of various marketing approaches, etc). The deeper we can go in this meeting, the better my assistance will be throughout the engagement. Of course, I’ll be happy to sign an NDA in advance.
  2. A 90 minute conference call every month to discuss strategy, recommend tactics, validate approaches, brainstorm solutions, and so on. You and I are required to attend; additional team members are welcome if deemed appropriate. (Please note that any email access referred to elsewhere in this document is limited to you specifically and does not extend to additional team members.)
    1. In preparation for each monthly call, you are encouraged to email potential agenda items to me as they occur to you. I’ll capture everything centrally and echo back to you the day before the meeting to allow enough time to adjust priorities and/or send invites to team members who can speak to specific items.
  3. Review of marketing content, cold emails, and the like. Where appropriate, I’ll provide relevant examples, best practices, and other guidance. (Please note that authoring original content is not included in this agreement.)
  4. 24/7 access to me via email to address unexpected developments that can’t wait for the monthly call. Possible examples:
    1. “Do these blog post ideas from our lead engineer reinforce our positioning?”
    2. “Does this cold email sequence have any unnecessary friction or buyer-unfriendly language?”
    3. “Are these the right kind of podcasts to reach out to?”

If you’re reading this page it’s because we’ve discussed this option via a realtime call. I’ll follow up with you directly to discuss pricing and other particulars. Of course, I’m also available at