Strong forms of differentiation

Here they are… forms of differentiation that are way stronger than the 4 weak forms I mentioned yesterday:

    1. Complete the work or achieve the project goal faster
    2. Reduce risk to your client
    3. Be easier for your client to work with
    4. Propose and deliver ​something that benefits their business more than what they originally thought was possible
    5. Provide better advice to your client
    6. Say no to bad ideas that your client doesn’t know are bad ideas
    7. Provide the client with additional resources they need but don’t have access to themselves
    8. Help your client spend money more wisely
    9. Include unique IP in your engagement
    10. Pricing (premium/budget, predictability, flexibility)

That’s it for today. Print this list out and MEDITATE on it over the weekend. 🙂

Over the next 2 weeks I’ll offer some comments on each of these forms of differentiation and examples of how you might apply it to your business. Stay thee tuned to this station!

This info on differentiation comes from my new course on positioning, which is called… The Positioning Course. 🙂 Not a super creative name, but the early feedback from students has been super positive. If you’d like me to send you some extra info on this course, click this here Drip trigger link:


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