test June 7, 2017


I Wasn’t Sure About Investing This Much


Working with Philip and his My Content Sherpa service was the first time I’ve paid for help with content marketing. I see it as a long-term investment.

I was happy to get high quality content with very low effort on my part. Specifically, Philip is able to distill my random ideas into concrete resources that will help my business grow. Additionally, I’ve gotten:

  1. Constant progress on creating new content
  2. Great advice on marketing tactics

I would definitely recommend Philip to other dev shop owners. I see the value. Even though I feel like I could produce similar content, I understand how time consuming it is and realize it likely won’t reach the top of my todo list without help.

I just have to add: I really like the focus on multi-article resources. I think that provides a lot more value than a collection of random blog articles.

Jason Siffring, Owner, Surprise Highway


I Just Didn’t Think Content Marketing Would Really Work For Me

marcusI just wasn’t sure content marketing would work for me. After transitioning from owning my own agency to coaching other agency owners, I needed to build up my audience.

But I found that–with the right help–it does work! I love how Philip makes me sound like my best, most intelligent self to my audience.

  1. Philip lets me do what I do best (talking) and turns that into content.
  2. Philip provides vision that this approach can, and will, work. I would have quit long ago otherwise.
  3. I can tell people I have a list and invite them to join it!

I’d definitely recommend Philip’s services to others who need more leads or a bigger audience.

Marcus Blankenship, Development Shop Owner Coach


So Much Value In 1 Hour


Phililp’s pre-engagement questionnaire was gold! I learned a ton going through the process of filling it out. I would have paid for that alone. After our one hour strategy call with Philip, we decided to focus our agency on SEO work for mid-sized and start-up tech companies—and we’re excited about it! We are starting to get speaking engagements because of our new niche. We are big fans of yours Philip and received so much value from hiring you!

Dale Bertrand, President, Chimaera Labs


I Wasn’t Sure If Philip Would Accept Me Into His Coaching Program

zisheI’m a business process consultant, and I am just now transitioning from full time employment to working as an independent consultant. So I wasn’t sure Philip would agree to working with me, even though I was sure working with him would be beneficial.

My goal was to make the most progress possible in a short amount of time (3 months). I was able to get clear about what I do as a result of Philip continuously pushing me forward beyond my fears and comfort zone.

Philip also helped me:

  1. Get clear about what I need out off marketing.
  2. Get clear about my message.
  3. Get clear about which medium I will use to build trust.

I would definitely recommend that other freelancers or independent consultants work with Philip if they want to very quickly get clear about their positioning and marketing.

Zishe Schnitzler, Business Process Consultant


400% Increase in Email Opt-Ins

zisheHey Philip, my email subscriber opt-in rate is up from around 2 percent to around 8 percent since making the changes you suggested. The changes only took a few hours to implement, so I’m especially delighted w/the results!

Jonathan Stark, Author of “Hourly Billing is Nuts”