As a special bonus for being so awesome, I’m delighted to offer you a sweet discount on my newest book, Specializing Without Failure.

This book is based on the process I take 1:1 coaching and Positioning Accelerator Program clients through. It's a process for deciding how to specialize. If you have multiple options for specializing and are wondering which might be the least risky choice, this book has a simple process you can use for making that decision. The book is normally $29 but this discount gives you full access for $19. The $10 discount is automatically applied when you check out:


jeremy green

In his newest book, Specializing Without Failure, Philip has outlined the most accurate diagnosis I've seen for the "sophomore slump" faced by many software developers in their 2nd and 3rd phases of independent business. More importantly he details exactly what can be done to overcome those challenges and presents it all in a way that's easy for developers to understand, even if they're not seasoned business pros. If you're an independent developer, or thinking of becoming one, do yourself a favor and read this book!

--Jeremy Green, Rails Developer