Format of Paid Cohorts

If you pay to join a TEI cohort, there’s a structure designed to help you succeed.

TEI Foundations Program

You start with the 9-month long Foundations Program.


  • Up to 5 people per cohort
  • One 90m online meeting per week
  • Private Slack for Q&A, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Private wiki to help you get up and running faster
  • Price: $2,100 per quarter or $700 per month

Paying to join a cohort will support your progress in the following ways:

  • Accountability: me, the group, and the money you’ve invested all bias you towards taking action. We meet weekly as a group to support each other.
  • Connection: Slack room, others doing the challenges with you
  • There’s a private wiki you’ll have access to. You’ll discover best practices, and useful tips for executing on the 5 challenges. You’ll grow even more by contributing your hard-won learnings to this wiki.

TEI Graduate Program

Those who complete the 9 month-long series of foundational challenges can opt to join the TEI Graduate program. In this program, you make 2 commitments each quarter:

  1. Embrace a Graduate Challenge
  2. Teach a 90-minute Graduate Seminar & Q&A, where you teach something you’ve learned that would be relevant to TEI members.

There’s also an all-graduates mastermind-style call weekly to help you get feedback on business decisions or specific expertise-driven projects you’re working on.


  • You embrace one Graduate Challenge per quarter
  • I facilitate one 90m all-graduates mastermind call every week; open to all current TEI Graduate members.
  • I set up one graduate seminar + Q&A every month; each graduate expected to teach a seminar every 3 to 6 months; open to all current TEI Foundation and Graduate participants.
  • I set up regular outside expert Q&A calls; open to all current TEI Foundation and Graduate participants.
  • Price: $250 per month

Even if you decide to not continue from the Foundations to the Graduate program of TEI, all current and past members and members in spirit are invited to a twice-yearly online TEI gathering and invited there to share what you’ve been up to.

Interested in joining the next Expertise Incubator cohort?

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When are the group meetings?

Different times for each Foundations Program cohort. I spend several weeks assembling each cohort from among those who express interest, then I poll the group to find a meeting time that works for everybody. We meet at whatever that time is on a weekly basis unless I’m traveling or on vacation in which case you still meet without me and with a designated facilitator (one of your group) in my place.

What proof do you have that this program works?

Below are some generous, unsolicited gift from TEI participants: