This is a call to action

This is a call to action:

a restaurant menu sitting outside the closed restaurant inviting passerbys to take action

What you’re seeing the photograph above is a Thai restaurant here in Sebastopol.

The restaurant was closed at the time I made that photograph, but they had a little table with a menu sitting there for anyone to pick up and peruse.

This is a call to action. An invitation to move from person-walking-by-on-the-sidewalk to person-taking-the-first-small-step-towards-becoming-a-customer.

For people selling expensive services (that’s you, I hope. And when I say “expensive services”, I really mean “expensive but worth it“.), your call to action could be “hire me. My prices start at 5 figures.”.

But what if you had something that’s less of a commitment? Something that is equivalent to your prospect reaching out, picking up a menu, and perusing it?

Since I’m an email marketing ZEALOT, I like using trigger links that launch short informative email campaigns that include the next bigger commitment as a CTA.

Like this one: If you’re wanting to narrow your business focus but not really making any progress on your own, discover how working with me could help:

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