What’s the worst that could happen?

I want to show you what happened to two companies that made HUGE positioning mistakes.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit A is the Coca-Cola company. In 1985 they introduced “New Coke”, which was a very big, very public product failure. They almost bet the company on it, and it flopped. 

They survived. They realized their mistake, made a different decision, and survived.

Exhibit B is Microsoft. Bill Gates didn’t understand the potential of the Internet until it was already obvious to many others.

Microsoft survived. Bill Gates realized his mistake, made a different decision, and survived.

Jim Camp describes negotiations as a series of decisions. Make a bad decision? 

Don’t worry. We all do from time to time. You just realize your mistake and then make a different, better decision next time!

Positioning works the same way. Almost no mistake is fatal except refusing to make a decision at all. That’s not fatal either, it just perpetuates the status quo.

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