Terms of Service

Generally payments for Indie Experts Workshops are non-refundable unless there’s a good reason. The following are good reasons:

  • Someone held you at gunpoint and made you sign up against your will, you escaped in a daring escape (police report documentation required), and now you’re wanting to get your money back.
  • You were taking a huge risk on the workshop in the first place, which is commendable, but when your romantic partner saw the bank statement, they threatened to dump your ass, and now you’re doing what you can to make things right with them.
  • You celebrated landing a whale client by signing up for this workshop, then the whale client disappeared on you. You should probably still take the workshop to help avoid situations like that in the future, but I’d probably also give you your money back under these circumstances.

Well, you get the point. I’ll happily refund under extreme circumstances. I’m a reasonable man.

But also, there needs to be a good reason for a refund.