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Estimating Survey Completion Time Using GPT/Claude

Use this prompt:

Please use the scoring rubric below to generate a completion-time estimate for the survey below:

Here's the rubric: - Assign one point for each short and simple survey question that can be read quickly and that has a yes/no response option or easy-to-grasp answer scale. - For questions that are asked in grid format, assign one point for each row of the grid. - For multiple response or multiple-select questions, assign one point for every two response options. - Assign two points for every response that requires mental calculation - For open-end questions, assign three points for every short phrase or sentence that you expect most respondents will type. - For lengthy instructions, or if any of the questions have a lot of words, assign one point for every three sentences the respondent must read. - Once you have the tallied the total number of points, divide by the magic number 8 (this is the number of simple questions you can ask in a one-minute online survey). VoilĂ , you get the number of minutes it will take most survey respondents to complete your online survey.

Here's the survey: