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The ability that fundamentally transforms the career of an independent consultant is an ability to earn new visibility and trust. If you want to transform your business and career for the better, you need to focus on getting better at earning visibility and trust.

This seems simple, but asking how  we get better at earning visibility and trust—with all of the apparent complexities of modern marketing and all the bullshit advice out there about it—opens a can of worms. Over the course of this book, we're going to do whatever it is you do to make the problem of an opened can of worms go away. (Do you eat them? Release them into the wild? I've never inquired.) In our case, we're going to tackle, make sense of, and help you answer the question of how you  can get better at earning visibility and trust.

Along the way, we'll need to explore and understand the ideas of specialization and positioning, because without specialization, getting better at earning visibility and trust is an excessively difficult, unfocused slog. We'll also need to understand how to cultivate valuable expertise in the unstructured world of independent consulting, which exists outside of the more structured, controlled world of the licensed professions.

This book is titled The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants  because it's the most comprehensive resource on positioning for you (if you're an indie consultant), because it's a significant evolution of an existing book that has some brand equity I'd like to preserve by avoiding a drastic name change, and because it's a far better title than The Earning Visibility and Trust Manual for Indie Consultants .

Let's begin our inquiry into how you earn visibility and trust; an extremely productive endeavor that also generates transformative answers to other important business strategy questions you should be asking.


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