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6: Conclusion

I believe that part of what makes things happen is knowing they can happen; knowing they’re possible. So, if I want to live in a world where more of you have powerful, empathetic, and distinctive POVs and reap the benefits of those POVs, then one way I can nudge things in that direction is helping more people see that kind of POV as possible, and the precursor to that is knowing how a POV functions. Thus, this guide.

Again, I am convinced that the best POVs emerge from the concentrated experience that flows from focus and an empathetic but somewhat frustrated, impatient concern for your market's progress and improvement.

So if you feel some POV raw material rolling around inside you but don't yet have one defined, let me close by saying I hope this guide has been helpful, and by encouraging you to stick with it! The struggle is worth it, even if it takes some time to resolve into one of those crisp, impactful POVs we all admire.