I bought $10,000 of IP today

Philip Morgan

(It was discounted to $10 :-> ) The report comes from Munro & Associates, which I talk about a little bit at the top of this podcast conversation with David C. Baker: /consulting-pipeline-podcast/cpp-090-david-c-baker-and-i-discuss-the-means-by-which-economically-valuable-expertise-is-cultivated/ Munro buys cars, takes them apart, and publishes $10,000 reports describing every tiny detail. These reports are a really interesting example of expertise being formalized into intellectual property (IP) and sold for what seems like a ton of money. At automobile-manufacturing-scale, $10k is a rounding error compared to overpaying for a part, an hour of manufacturing downtime, or a recall. This is part of the secret, I think, to selling IP or advisory services: a very favorable ratio of price (for the IP or services) to impact. Impact can be the creation of an outcome, or it can be the reduction of risk ("insurance"). Anyway, if you too want to own $10,000 of IP for $10 and see what it looks like, you can buy this report here: https://munrolive.com/support-%2F-store/ols/products/bmw-i3-reports (Not an affiliate link because, really people, I have better things to do with my time 😀. Also, I have no financial association with Munro & Associates). -P Again, if you're an expert with a mess of content, you can apply for one of the 3 full-participant seats in the workshop here: https://airtable.com/shrZ35i96PeEprTUv More details: /indie-experts-list/another-invitation-free-online-workshop-on-content-organization/