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My work helps you with 4 problems. My education work is primarily focused on current and aspiring independent consultants, but self-employed people in almost any services profession (freelancers, software developers, etc.) can benefit.

Larger firms with >10 employees may find my consulting services relevant.

What question are you currently focused on?

  1. I’m a generalist, and realize I’m all over and not good at any of the things, maybe I see my work being commoditized or my platform dying, or maybe COVID has cut my business in half; what do I do now?” Solutions for generalists.
  2. “I’ve specialized, and I’m trying to figure out lead generation but a lot of the advice seems wrong for expertise-driven services.” Lead generation solutions for specialists.
  3. I’ve figured out lead generation and I’m working on increasing profitability, and I want to experiment with ways to de-couple my revenue from my time.” Profitability increasing solutions for specialists.
  4. I’m focused on more advanced consulting challenges like developing intellectual property, and I want to learn about solo business owner-friendly ways of cultivating and monetizing intellectual property.” IP solutions for specialists.

Best Articles by Topic

Interested in something specific? Here are some of my best work on specific topics:



Read more about specialization for indie consultants ->


Generate Leads


Increase Profitability


Cultivate Intellectual Property

Long-Form Guides to Specialization

A Comprehensive Guide To Specializing An Indie Consulting Business

This detailed guide — aside from my book — is the most comprehensive description of how specialization works for indie consultants, how to specialize, and what to be prepared for along the way. It’s free (no opt-in required) and useful.

Read My Book

If you like what you’ve read, I recommend my book, The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants.

Useful Services​

Workshops And Courses

The Indie Experts courses & workshops offer experiential learning based on principles that work broadly and effectively within the context of a differentiated, profitable, expertise-driven services business.

The Expertise Incubator

In TEI, we learn by doing. As a group, we face a series of 3 challenges, spending 3 months focusing on a challenge before moving on to the next. The challenges produce both the substance and artifacts of economically valuable expertise.

A Few Useful Tools​

Tool: Specialization Examples

I’ve profiled some dev shops (as well as agencies and other types of consultants) based on their web presence. Most are specialized in some way, and I hope these examples help you better understand how to market your specialized services. A few of these are clients of mine; most are not.

Tool: Dev Shop Marketing Briefings

For a while I ran monthly webinars that presented a brief educational presentation followed by Q&A. These are of varying up-to-date-ness, but I want you to have access to them because many of them are still useful.

Some Free Email Courses​

Coder2Consultant Course

Want to know how to get paid for more than just your code? Take your understanding to the next level with a short email mini-course

Positioning Crash Course

Want to know how to increase your power with clients and transform your marketing? Take your understanding to the next level with a short email mini-course.