Outcomes: Deeper expertise in the business, more authority in the market, and recognized thought leadership.

Methods: Experiential learning, small-scale research, and structured challenges.

Hi, I’m Philip Morgan.

My work on specialization, cultivating expertise, and monetizing IP helps consultancies build an expertise moat.

I have helped thousands of consultants use specialization to find a beachhead that leads to greater visibility, profitability, expertise, and success.

I’m also fascinated by those who cultivate valuable self-made expertise outside the narrow confines of the licensed professions, and I construct experiential learning programs that help my clients build their own expertise moat.

My Book on Positioning

Everybody says you should specialize, but the decision feels arbitrary, overwhelming, or frightening. You see the benefits for others (their value proposition is so clear!), but can’t see how to get your business there. The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants will help.


My consulting services are optimized for 3 situations:

  1. You want to build an in-house thought leadership program.
  2. You want to ship a premium research-backed marketing asset, use research to support thought leadership, or use research to accelerate your individual contributors’ expertise.
  3. You are ready for in-house marketing leadership and better marketing results but aren’t ready to hire a full-time CMO.

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I lead two workshops that use experiential learning to help you decide how to specialize, and cultivate a point of view.

The Expertise Incubator

The Expertise Incubator is a framework for cultivating valuable expertise and a community of practice.

A Comprehensive Guide To Specializing An Indie Consulting Business

This detailed guide — aside from my book — is the most comprehensive description of how specialization works for indie consultants, how to specialize, and what to be prepared for along the way. It’s free (no opt-in required) and useful.


Recently I put together a 7-part email course that speaks to many of the issues you’ll face as you become a self-made expert. A significant theme of this email course is that many of us enter the world of consulting through the side door, meaning we’re not handed the credibility we need as a result of parachuting out of a job at a big consulting firm; instead we have to build that credibility (and the underlying expertise) ourselves.