Ideas -> Impact -> Profit

for dev shops & hard tech orgs

Hi, I'm Philip Morgan. I help dev shops and hard tech orgs turn ideas into market impact and profit.

I can help at any step of this process:

  • If you have skill, clients, and ordinary ideas, I can help you use small-scale research to discover impactful ideas.
  • If you have important but under-performing ideas, I can help you earn visibility and market impact through point of view and thought leadership work.
  • And if you have impactful ideas but under-performing margins, I can help you design and sell more profitable services.

(Excellent profits can also come from doing commoditized work with high efficiency. I’m the last person on the planet you’d want to ask for help with that business model, or an intensely zero-sum business.)

Specialization makes your business marketable and referable while increasing the likelihood that you cultivate impactful ideas. If you’re open to specializing but haven’t yet, I have a book, course, free resource center, and coaching & consulting offerings for you. If you’re open to this path, please go for it; the world needs more specialized experts.

If you’ve specialized but don’t have enough lead flow, I am building a product called the Lead Generation Operating System to help and I have coaching and consulting offers that can help.

If you’re specialized and wanting to more effectively build on that foundation of focus, consider The Expertise Incubator (TEI) if you’re an individual and my coaching or consulting services if you run a firm.

My sweet spot is tech-heavy, regulation-lite business; dev shops, small consultancies, and marketing agencies are where I’ve delivered most of my consulting and coaching work. I’m interested in working with more science and technology companies.


A 7-part email course that helps you understand and get started with positioning/specialization.

  • Lesson 1: Foundational Ideas
  • Lesson 2: Find One Area Of Obvious Strength
  • Lesson 3: Find Specialized Competitors
  • Lesson 4: Tell The World
  • Lesson 5: Dealing With “The Fear”
  • Bonus lesson 1: Differences Between This Crash Course And The Full Process
  • Bonus Lesson 2: Resources To Help You Specialize