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Lesson 1: Positioning and commoditization
Lesson 2: Positioning and upward rate mobility
Lesson 3: A marketing advantage
Lesson 4: An expertise advantage
Lesson 5: The positioning process


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"This course has been fantastic! I have done a number of positioning/narrowing exercises in the past, but it really helps to have technical examples that fit the size of my business (a solo dev hoping to grow into a small shop over the next year)."

Tara King, SparklingRobots Design


"You can't position yourself. You just can't. You must get outside input. And there's no better person to get it from than Philip Morgan."

Jonathan Stark, author of Hourly Billing Is Nuts


"Philip's pre-engagement questionnaire was gold! I learned a ton going through the process of filling it out. I would have paid for that alone. After our one hour strategy call with Philip, we decided to focus our agency on SEO work for mid-sized and start-up tech companies---and we're excited about it! We are starting to get speaking engagements because of our new niche. We are big fans of yours Philip and received so much value from hiring you!"

Dale Bertrand, President, fire&spark Ecommerce Marketing


"Philip & his team did some great work for Siftware, helping us figure out our particular niche, working with us to understand what pains our prospective clients might have and showing us how we could communicate our value offering in a way that proved we could remove those pains.

So much more than a copywriting project; it was more like a marketing boot-camp."

Darren Beale, Owner, Siftware

Too many to list them all here...

Words to Live By

The smaller your focus, the bigger it is.
Your work is important.
List size is a vanity metric.
Profit over revenue.
Conversations first, automation later. Resist premature automation at all cost.
Sorry, but you’re in a relationship business. 🙂
Replace assumptions with data.
“Your marketing itself must be valuable.” - Gary Bencivenga
Give a shit. Be extravagantly generous yet focused with your shit-giving.
Do not make long-term financial decisions based on what is happening with a single client.
Competence satisfies; expertise delights.