I help coders become consultants

The Internet is overflowing with courses and info-products on how to get more clients. Some of them are helpful, but I take a different approach.

Information is useful, but information is not what changes you and your business for the better.

Growth is what creates the change you want. Specifically, growth in your capabilities as a business owner creates this change.

I guide owners of solo and small dev shops through a tough but productive program of experiential learning, organized around 5 challenges at the basic level and 5 harder challenges at the advanced level. These challenges focus on the core skills that help you thrive as a self-employed expert. These challenges support the kind of personal growth you need to build a dramatically better business.

This approach is so different from anything else you'll find online that the best--and maybe only--way I can really explain it is to invite you to participate for free in the basic program, which I call Indie Pentathlon.

Even if you consider yourself beyond the basic level in building your business, I'd like to encourage you to join Indie Pentathlon and give it a try. It's free, self-paced, and...

What you discover about yourself there might surprise and delight you.

--Philip Morgan.

Basic Level: Indie Pentathlon

Indie Pentathlon is a series of 5 self-paced challenges that help you develop the core skills you need for marketing yourself as an independent consultant.

Indie Pentathlon is free, with paid group or individual coaching available if you decide you want extra support.

Advanced Level: The Expertise Incubator

The Expertise Incubator is a series of 5 paced, small group challenges that help you develop the advanced skills you need for attracting clients as a world-class expert. Many of these challenges are not actually about marketing; they're about how you develop rare, valuable expertise and share it generously with the world.

The Expertise Incubator is a pay-as-you-go 15-month program with a high level of support built in.

If all of this stuff about "challenges" and "experiential learning" feels too ambitious, this email course on making the coder to consultant transition may be the more *gentle* introduction you need:

C2C cover.001

Lesson 1: Consulting through the side door
Lesson 2: Specialization
Lesson 3: Specialization + time -> reputation/market position
Lesson 4: Sales & pricing power
Lesson 5: The many faces of profitability
Lesson 6: Developing valuable IP
Lesson 7: Timing


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