Services for Coders Who Want to Become Consultants

I'm here to help coders become consultants. My services are for you if:

  • You need expertise and support in making the coder to consultant transition.
  • You feel almost ready to start charging clients for advice or strategy but need support in making that leap.
  • You've landed a great consulting gig and want to make your marketing repeatable so you land future great consulting gigs.
  • You're a consultant wanting to self-publish your first book and would like guidance about doing that.
  • You're a generalist, you're doing fine, but you have a hunger for something more...

If instead you need help with pricing, sales, financial management, or people management, check out the list of world-class resources listed on my Referrals page:

Again, my focus is helping coders become consultants. This is a business transformation, and it is a personal transformation from competence to self-made expertise.

My services are therefore not a general purpose multi-tool useful for almost anything. Instead, they are a small set of special-purpose tools that are invaluable in the context of the coder -> consultant or competence -> self-made expertise transitions, and much less valuable outside that context.

Here's how this all fits together:

Explore this map more here:

If my services seem relevant for you, then the next step is to understand which service is ideal for your specific need(s).

In the table below, you'll see that I focus on 4 business goals you might have and offer 3 kinds of services (and several DIY products) to help accelerate your progress towards those goals. So if you identify the column that matches your goal(s), and the row with a suitable type of support, then the intersection of that column and row will identify the best-fit service for you. (On mobile devices, try landscape orientation for a better view of this table.)

Forms of support
Goal: Decide how to specialize
Goal: Generate leads
Goal: Cultivate exceptionally valuable expertise
Goal: Commercialize IP
Highly customized support ("tell me what to do, give me completely customized guidance and support in doing it")1:1 coaching1:1 coaching1:1 coachingConsulting (generally for firms with >5 employees) or 1:1 coaching (generally for individuals)
Semi-customized support ("tell me what to do, give me semi-customized guidance and support in doing it")PAPPAPTEITEI
Experiential learning ("tell me what to do, I'll challenge myself to figure out how to do it and get both the business benefit *and* the personal growth benefit")Indie PentathlonIndie PentathlonSelf-study version of TEI (coming soonish)Self-study version of TEI (coming soonish)
DIY best practices guidance ("tell me what to do and describe how to do it, I'll implement on my own without support")The Positioning Manual & Specializing Without FailureComing laterComing laterComing later

Quick links to specific services:


If my services are not a good fit now, I also have some products that may be just what you need to make some progress on your own transitioning away from being a generalist and towards being a more successful specialist: