I help you generate leads for advisory services and cultivate powerful expertise

I'm here to help dev shops generate leads for advisory services. I can help at the following stages of your journey:

  1. Crafting a value proposition that is based on expertise rather than outputs.
  2. Helping you re-focus your business into one driven by expertise rather than outputs.
  3. Cultivating lead generation habits that attract advisory services prospects.
  4. Packaging your expertise so that it is usable by non-experts.

These 4 stages of your journey translate to 4 goals, and a range of services that support these goals (if you're viewing this on a phone, consider landscape orientation to get a better view of this wide table):

Forms of support
Goal: Decide how to specialize
Goal: Generate leads
Goal: Cultivate exceptionally valuable expertise
Goal: Commercialize IP
Highly customized support ("tell me what to do, give me completely customized guidance and support in doing it")1:1 coaching1:1 coaching1:1 coachingConsulting (generally for firms with >5 employees) or 1:1 coaching (generally for individuals)
Semi-customized support ("tell me what to do, give me semi-customized guidance and support in doing it")PAPPAPTEITEI
Experiential learning ("tell me what to do, I'll challenge myself to figure out how to do it and get both the business benefit *and* the personal growth benefit")Internet MBA ChallengeInternet MBA ChallengeSelf-study version of TEI (coming soonish)Self-study version of TEI (coming soonish)
DIY best practices guidance ("tell me what to do and describe how to do it, I'll implement on my own without support")The Positioning Manual & Specializing Without FailureComing laterComing laterComing later

Core Skills Training

About 3 times a year, I run a free limited-enrollment workshop focusing on one of the 9 indie consultant core marketing skills:

Explore this map more here:

These workshops tend to fill quickly when I announce them to my email list, so joining that list is your best option for getting access to a Core Skills Workshop seat.


Positioning your business, learning to generate leads for advisory services, and cultivating valuable intellectual property are part of a multi-year process. I prefer to be involved continuously rather than episodically, so I offer services that resemble coaching.

They are like coaching in that we meet regularly, you pay a monthly subscription, and my role is to help you tackle a dramatic change in an incremental, sustainable fashion.

My services are unlike coaching in that I have several well-tested processes for making the transition from outputs to expertise (many coaches are winging it, or helping you implement your agenda), and I often function more like a consultant (I can help you arrive at the answers) than a typical coach ("The answers are within you. I will help you discover them.").

I offer two types of coaching:

Experiential Learning

For complex skills that require judgment and originality, experiential learning kicks the crap out of classroom, online, or other styles. That's why much of what I do looks like experiential learning.

With my experiential learning programs, I tell you what to do and provide you with carefully selected forms of support as you figure out how to do it for yourself. This is both highly challenge and extremely rewarding.

I offer two experiential learning services. Internet BMA Challenge is a free self-paced program I created with my podcast partner Liston Witherill, and The Expertise Incubator is a paid, group, paced program:


For situations where skill acquisition is unimportant, I offer consulting services:

  1. You’re having difficulty positioning a SaaS product, have a SaaS product that needs to better harmonize with your company’s services division, or you need more evidence to inform a significant re-positioning in your business.
  2. You have IP you want to commercialize, perhaps as a marketing or lead gen asset, perhaps as a driver of operational efficiencies and profit, perhaps as a signal of expertise, or some combination of those goals.

Learn more about my consulting services.

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If my services are not a good fit now, I also have some products that may be just what you need to make some progress on your own transitioning away from being a generalist and towards being a more successful specialist: