Coaching for Coders Who Want to Become Consultants

I'm here to help coders become consultants. My services are for you if:

  • You need expertise and support in making the coder to consultant transition.
  • You feel almost ready to start charging clients for advice or strategy but need support in making that leap.
  • You've landed a great consulting gig and want to make your marketing repeatable so you land future great consulting gigs.
  • You're a consultant wanting to self-publish your first book and would like guidance about doing that.
  • You're a generalist, you're doing fine, but you have a hunger for something more...

If instead you need help with pricing, sales, financial management, or people management, check out the list of world-class resources listed on my Referrals page:

How I Can Help

All of my services look a lot like coaching. I use this model because it's more wallet-friendly and sustainable than consulting. You pay monthly as you go rather than a lump sum up front, and you actually get better results than consulting could ever deliver. This is not true if you're a huge dev shop, but I don't work with huge dev shops. I focus on small and solo shops.

I make heavy use of experiential learning. For easy stuff I just tell you what to do and act as a sounding board & source of expert feedback while you do it.

But for more challenging stuff, what needs to change first isĀ you. Your situation or results will change more easily if you change you first.

I help you change & grow in a low-stakes, focused way. For example, if you're wanting to identify a point of view so your conference talk applications are more effective, I may challenge you to write and publish something online for 30 days. You'll have some skin in the game because you're publishing online, but the stakes are pretty low, and the upside for discovering your PoV is quite large. That's an example of what I mean by experiential learning and growing in a low-stakes, focused way.

All along, there's a roadmap we've customized just for you. There's a plan for your growth, and we work at a pace that works for you.

I offer coaching in two ways: one-on-one with individuals, and in a group setting.

Private Coaching

I can work individually with you at multiple levels of intensity and price, ranging from $30,000 USD to $1,800.

We meet via unless you happen to be visiting the California North Bay Area, in which case I try to meet you for lunch or dinner and we have a meeting in person.

If you'd like to check for fit, this page will give you next steps:

Group Coaching

I have a group coaching program I call the Positioning Accelerator Program.

The price is $500/mo.

You get Slack chatroom access to me for same-day responses to your specific questions and potential roadblocks, along with weekly office hours calls for realtime problem-solving and accountability check-ins. Even better, you'll get to interact with others who are facing the same challenges you are, which accelerates your progress.


If my services are not a good fit now, I also have some products that may be just what you need to make some progress on your own transitioning away from being a generalist and towards being a more successful specialist: