Marketing education, coaching, and consulting for independent consultants who want to cultivate expertise in the business and earn authority in the market

I can help at the following stages of your journey from implementor to advisor:
  1. You’re deciding how to specialize so that it becomes possible to sell expertise rather than implementation
  2. You’re transforming your business — project by project — into one that generates more valuable expertise rather than more operational efficiency.
  3. You’re cultivating lead generation habits that attract advisory services prospects.
  4. You’re packaging your expertise into IP that’s usable by non-experts.
To accelerate your progress through this journey, I offer a supportive, challenging small group program called The Expertise Incubator. I also offer online workshops on the Core Skills that implementors need to become advisors. In special situations, I offer coaching or consulting. That’s a range of services. To decide which might be right for you, consider the following: I’m always happy to help you benefit from my own experience, but expertise-driven businesses usually have an idiosyncratic element to them that benefits from you, the principle expert, diving in, trying some well-designed experiments, and seeing what actually works for you. Thats why, except for consulting, all my services are oriented around structured experiential learning. If you’re ready to discuss fit, use the form below to reach out. You can also learn more about individual services:

If my services are not a good fit now, I also have a book that may be just what you need to make some progress on your own transitioning away from being a generalist and towards being a more successful specialist: The Positioning Manual