CPP 134: What's The pH Level Of This Decision?

Philip Morgan

The upcoming workshop on specialization, starting May 15, is this kind of experiment. You'll spend 2 weeks figuring out what kind of specialization seed you want to experiment with planting, and then you'll spend the rest of the workshop getting and interpreting feedback from the market.

Depending no how you look at it, this workshop is both high and low risk.

It's possible the market will ignore your specialization experiment harder than Vickie Thompson ignored my awkward attempts at love in the 7th grade. This is the high-risk part, kind of. It's uncertain that the workshop will lead you directly to a specialization that the market wants. At the same time, the potential for harm (the "pH level" of the workshop) is quite low. After all, we're dealing with inexpensive seeds here.

Even if the market ignores your specialization experiment, you'll get hands-on experience with an validation method that you can use repeatedly on your own. This is the low-risk part. Low uncertainty and low potential for harm.

The workshop price is $700 per seat, and attendance is capped at 20 (4 seats are available on a reduced price scholarship basis). Sign up here: https://indieexperts.io/workshops/