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Specialization and Positioning Tools for Indie Consultants

The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms

The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms is the only step-by-step manual to help you move from struggling generalist to in-demand specialist with minimum risk and maximum speed.

Risk Profile Self-Assessment

Use this self-assessment to understand your posture towards risk, both your emotional comfort level with risk and your ability to withstand a loss.


[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] Old lady chairs and Monte Carlo simulations

By Philip | October 16, 2019

Over the weekend I was sitting in an old-lady chair in an old lady’s room, thinking about using Monte Carlo simulation to model the success of specializing. I know some of you think I’m making this up, so pics or it didn’t happen: Anyway, back in the Spring of this year, Douglas Hubbard did a…

Lead Generation Tools for Indie Consultants

Trust Velocity Calculator

Not all lead generation approaches are the same. Some build trust rapidly, other's don't. Some are genre-appropriate for your ideal client, some aren't. Use this calculator to determine which ones are best for your business.


[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] The Google squeeze

By Philip | September 4, 2019

I’m a big fan of disintermediated lead generation approaches, or ones where your access to an audience is mediated via a personal relationship with the human being who is the audience gatekeeper. Google leveraging it’s monopoly position in search only amplifies my appreciation for disintermediated lead generation approaches. This, from Seth Godin, talks about Google…

[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] Popcorn and toothpaste

By Philip | August 14, 2019

Is selling your services more like popping popcorn or pushing toothpaste through a tube? Hey, it’s Philip, and I’m back with the last installment of a short series on the idea of CRMs. Not a how-to article on CRMs, but one on the thinking behind them. No regular buying process There are several reasons why…

IP Development Tools for Indie Consultants


[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] Survey marketing wrap-up

By Philip | September 10, 2019

Back in May, I started an experiment I referred to as “survey marketing”. Today I want to wrap that all up in a bow. This will be what I hope is the kind of naval-gazing email at least some of you can learn something from. A “learn from my mistakes” email. 🙂 What I did…

[PMC Weekly Consulting Insight] At last, some survey marketing conclusions

By Philip | July 31, 2019

FINALLY. 🙂 Finally, I’ve fixed my inconsistent coding of the survey responses from my LinkedIn sample, and have something to say about this little bit of research. Let’s start with the core question: how do self-employed software developers invest in their career? Let’s focus on the top 3 methods of investment, and differentiate between my…