Resources and job aids that help independent consultants thrive

Tool: Risk Profile Self-Assessment

You should seek as much risk as you comfortably can over the course of your career. This simple heuristic helps you maximize career-long impact, both in your work and in your bank account.

This risk profile self-assessment tool will help you understand how much risk you can comfortably seek.

Tool: Specialization Examples

I’ve profiled some dev shops (as well as agencies and other types of consultants) based on their web presence. Most are specialized in some way, and I hope these examples help you better understand how to market your specialized services. A few of these are clients of mine; most are not.

Tool: Positioning Crash Course

Want to know how to increase your power with clients and transform your marketing? Take your understanding to the next level with a short email mini-course.

Tool: Coder2Consultant Course

Want to know how to get paid for more than just your code? Take your understanding to the next level with a short email mini-course

Tool: Dev Shop Marketing Briefings

For a while I ran monthly webinars that presented a brief educational presentation followed by Q&A. These are of varying up-to-date-ness, but I want you to have access to them because many of them are still useful.