Dev Shop Marketing Briefings

Video Training to Help You Build Your Dev Shop Pipeline

Marketing Techniques That Work for Expensive, High-Trust Services

If you want to build a robust pipeline of work for your custom software development business, you will find the video briefings below very valuable.

This is a podcast feed where you can listen to audio of Dev Shop Marketing Briefings

Marketing Partnerships

Duration: 1h27m

Liston Witherill teaches you how to cultivate marketing partnerships that get your work, ideas, book, etc. exposed to a much larger audience than you have access to on your own.

Getting Started in Technical Training

Duration: 1h34m

Reuven Lerner teaches you how you can get started in providing technical training services. This can be an excellent way to diversify and increase revenue.

LinkedIn Lead Generation for Specialized Dev Shops

Duration: 1h25m

Jake Jorgovan teaches you how to generate leads from LinkedIn. Only works for specialized businesses, cuts out the overwhelm and wasted time of LinkedIn.

Specializing With Little or No Relevant Proof

Duration: 1h30m

Learn how you might specialize even if you have little or no relevant proof.

Increasing Service Profitability

Duration: 1h29m

Pia Silva describes how she dramatically increased her service profitability by offering less to her clients

Your First Digital Product

Duration: 1h30m

This interview with Josh Doody surfaces a bunch of important issues for those who want to build, launch, and market their first digital product.

Marketing to a Horizontal Market

Duration: 1h30m

This interview with Elliot Murphy will help you understand how to market successfully to a horizontal market (one where you're focused on a specific problem, not a specific industry).

Content Marketing

Duration: 1h29m

Frank Rietta shows you how he used content marketing to generate leads for his specialized Rails security services.

Positioning in 1 Picture

Duration: 1h28m

Confused by positioning? This presentation will simplify it down to 1 picture.

Using IRL Teaching to Generate Leads

Duration: 1h27m

This presentation and Q&A session by Liston Witherill will give you a very practical understanding of how to use in real life (IRL) teaching to generate leads for your services, including actual ROI numbers from Liston's experience.

Lead Gen Trust Velocity

Duration: 1h07m

To build a robust pipeline of business, you need to generate leads and build trust. Learn how to do both.

Building Better Outreach Lists

Duration: 1h32m

This presentation and Q&A session by Kai Davis will help you understand how to build better outreach lists to get better results from your market research or outbound marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Mindset

Duration: 1h30m

This presentation helps you prepare for the critical mindset issues around using email marketing successfully.

Getting Published

Duration: 1h07mm

Carl Friesen teaches you how to get published in authoritative niche publications.

Outbound Marketing

Duration: 1h31m

Jake Jorgovan teaches you how to use outbound marketing to get great clients.

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