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Video Training to Help You Build Your Dev Shop Pipeline

Marketing Techniques That Work for Expensive, High-Trust Services

If you want to build a robust pipeline of work for your custom software development business, you will find the video briefings below very valuable.

This is a podcast feed where you can listen to audio of Dev Shop Marketing Briefings

Specializing With Little or No Relevant Proof

Duration: 1h30m

Learn how you might specialize even if you have little or no relevant proof.

Your First Digital Product

Duration: 1h30m

This interview with Josh Doody surfaces a bunch of important issues for those who want to build, launch, and market their first digital product.

Increasing Service Profitability

Duration: 1h29m

Pia Silva describes how she dramatically increased her service profitability by offering less to her clients

Marketing to a Horizontal Market

Duration: 1h30m

This interview with Elliot Murphy will help you understand how to market successfully to a horizontal market (one where you're focused on a specific problem, not a specific industry).

Content Marketing

Duration: 1h29m

Frank Rietta shows you how he used content marketing to generate leads for his specialized Rails security services.

Positioning in 1 Picture

Duration: 1h28m

Confused by positioning? This presentation will simplify it down to 1 picture.

Using IRL Teaching to Generate Leads

Duration: 1h27m

This presentation and Q&A session by Liston Witherill will give you a very practical understanding of how to use in real life (IRL) teaching to generate leads for your services, including actual ROI numbers from Liston's experience.

Lead Gen Trust Velocity

Duration: 1h07m

To build a robust pipeline of business, you need to generate leads and build trust. Learn how to do both.

Building Better Outreach Lists

Duration: 1h32m

This presentation and Q&A session by Kai Davis will help you understand how to build better outreach lists to get better results from your market research or outbound marketing efforts.

The Positioning Archetypes

Duration: 60m

There are 6 common market position patterns. I call these the Positioning Archetypes. Learn about them here.

Email Marketing Mindset

Duration: 1h30m

This presentation helps you prepare for the critical mindset issues around using email marketing successfully.

Getting Published

Duration: 1h07mm

Carl Friesen teaches you how to get published in authoritative niche publications.

Outbound Marketing

Duration: 1h31m

Jake Jorgovan teaches you how to use outbound marketing to get great clients.

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