Summary: Marketing and Selling to a Horizontal Market


In this Dev Shop Marketing Briefing, I interviewed Elliot Murphy of KindlyOps about how he successfully markets to clients based on a specific problem they have.

Elliot focuses on the problem of regulated data (stuff like data covered by HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulation) in the cloud. This is a problem that can show up in a variety of market verticals, which makes Elliot's market position a horizontal market position.

Horizontal market positions are typically more challenging to market to because a) clients may not be limited to a single market vertical b) clients may be reluctant to discuss these problems publicly, which makes it very hard to find those clients.

This was an absolutely fascinating one. My favorite moments included:

  • Hearing how Elliot started his self-employment journey at age 13 by starting a UNIX systems integration business. Really, he did that.
  • Learning about the one marketing tactic that Elliot would not give up because of the great results it produces.
  • ‚ÄčLearning why Elliot wants his business to be a lot like a janitor or septic tank cleaning business, and how that philosophy has enabled him to grow to 7 employees in 18 months.

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