Dev Shop Marketing Briefing
The Mindset Challenges Around Email Marketing

Summary: Email Marketing Mindset Challenges

This Dev Shop Marketing Briefing addresses the challenges mindset challenges surrounding doing effective email marketing.

Unlike previous webinars I'll have a panel of your peers with me.

Hau is just starting with email marketing, and Ari and Janelle are actively using email to sell their services as well as a range of products.

You're going to get some fantastic information on exactly what emotional and mental barriers you'll face when you start to really use email marketing in your business. This stuff keeps most people from even trying email marketing, which is a shame because email is widely measured as a high-performing marketing channel with excellent ROI.

Email marketing is also incredibly flexible. It works well for everything from selling low-priced information products to higher priced consulting services.

The one thing email marketing can't do is compensate for your timidity in using it. In other words, email as a marketing channel rewards a sense of boldness. One of the big fears that undermines using email boldly is a fear of getting hate mail from your list subscribers. I think Ari has already prepared a 5 minute rant on this topic alone. :)

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