Sprinkled throughout the world of indie consulting are people who have found “orphan problems”, adopted them, and cultivated the expertise necessary to solve those problems. The Self-Made Expert podcast is conversations with these people about their journey of cultivating expertise outside the world of academia and the licensed professions. With your host, Philip Morgan.

TSME 162: Denis Oakley

This was a delightful conversation with emerging expert Denis Oakley. I especially loved how Denis “got his reps in” by selling business models on Upwork. Links: denis@denis-oakley.com denis-oakley.com  https://www.linkedin.com/in/denis-oakley-innovation/ https://twitter.com/denisoakley…

TSME 160: Kyle Bowen

Kyle and I discuss entering a new market, inventing new terminology, and pursuing a transformative agenda. https://www.superhelpful.com https://museumprogress.com You can sign up for the newsletter by visiting https://museumprogress.com/get-map-letters

CPP 139: Bizdev on 4chan

I think I’m going to have to try this Twitch thing because there’s something unique and valuable in the context it creates. Something I suspect more of us are hungry for.
A bullshit-free zone.

CPP 137: Platform = Power = Responsibility

Going about your life and doing what you can to help those you encounter who might be in distress and then going on about your life again isn’t enough when you have an audience.
Being the custodian of an audience brings with it additional responsibility. We need to think about this.

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